Why use the ESR Exit Questionnaire?

The NHS ESR Exit Questionnaire functionality invites leavers and employees with terminating assignments to complete a survey on their experience of their employing Organisation and is available to be implemented at both Trust-wide and assignment level.

In 2021, with input from NHS England and NHS Wales, the functionality was updated with a revised set of questions. The new questions reflected the NHS Staff Survey and National Quarterly Pulse Survey and enabled employees to self-declare their reason for leaving as well as introducing a free text field to add any further comments. In addition, ESRBI was updated to reflect these new questions, whilst maintaining previous questions to allow for historical reporting.

In collaboration with NHS England, the NHSBSA ESR Service Team has developed a new page within ESRBI NHS Staff Movements Monitoring Dashboard to support local retention strategies. The new page contains several new summary and detail reports for the Exit Questionnaire available to users of ESRBI. The analyses have been designed to provide greater strategic reporting over Exit Questionnaire data - including analysis of the number and percentage of completions and the responses provided over time.

NHS Exit Questionnaire Completions Analysis

EQ Completions

A number of the new reports use a score-based approach where a value has been applied to responses received.

EQ Score Table

  • Only NHS Exit Questionnaire Score Summary attributes a value of 0 to ‘no response received’.

NHS Exit Questionnaire Score Summary

EQ Avg Score

EQ Avg Score Table

By assigning a numerical value to the response, it enables organisations to rank overall scores grouped by a range of workforce items such as Staff Groups, Organisation Levels etc. Users can also review the average score by question to analyse changing responses and identify any emerging trends.

NHS Exit Questionnaire Analysis

EQ Avg Question

EQ Avg Opportunities

The analyses and further information can be found on the Exit Q. Analysis page of the NHS Staff Movements Monitoring Dashboard within ESRBI.

The ESR User Guide provides comprehensive detail on introducing the Exit Questionnaire at Trust level and at Assignment level.

Self Service Standards and Levels of Attainment

The use of the ESR Exit Questionnaire is part of Standard 10 relating to Manager Self-Service in the new Self-Service Standards Assessment that launched in June. You can find out more information about the Standards and Levels of Attainment in this edition of ESR News here - https://www.esrnews.nhs.uk/summer-2023/programme-news/new-self-service-standards-and-levels-of-attainment-launched 

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